A note from the owner:

Today it is hard to please everyone, so I thought I would give possible diners a description of what we are all about. Although we use "tapas" in our name it is not meant to describe us only as a Spanish style venue, we offer an entire international menu.


Dining Options

We offer a combination of ways to dine, starting with small and shared plates ala carte for those wishing to eat light. We also offer multi course prix fixe meals which include choices from our menu broken up into 4 categories. App like items, salads and soups, larger entree like items, and dessert. The entire table must either do alla carte or prix fixe.



We are not a place that pushes you out the door or turns tables three times a night; we are the type of place that would like to carve a couple hours out of your busy schedule with company that you enjoy and sit down relax and enjoy dinner. At Nini's, one of the greatest compliments we frequently receive is that people feel like they are dining with friends at a private home. If you are looking to eat quickly just let your waiter know and he will accommodate you, If you do not let us know your in a rush, we will assume that you enjoy our company and atmosphere and leisurely serve you.

Its a tight rope act we in the restaurant business walk...the consumer expects low prices but doesn't want to sacrifice service. We do not stand table side and fold your napkin every time you go to the restroom, but, we do try our best to provide exceptional service. Know that a raised hand will flag down one of our staff should we not be at your table at the exact moment you need us.



Those that are looking for a fabulous affordable dining experience, will find it at Nini's! A couple can have two four course meals with a bottle of wine for $100.00 with tax and tip. This pricing option is great for larger groups when it comes time to pay, everyone drops $50.00 and your done, no hassle in splitting the check.



Today with the Internet, cell phone apps, and social media everyone's a critic, the problem is that years ago restaurant critics actually had credentials that made them worthy of their title. If you do not enjoy something let your waiter know and we will fix it. There is nothing we want more then for you to walk out of our door a happy person.

If you are a would be critic and your only intention is to point out the negative in an establishment please pass us by...there are 100's of other potential targets for you to hit to make yourself feel important.


We hope you choose to dine with us and we will personally try to make your experience a good one.


Felix Proto